Creative things to do with your Instagram photos.

In this digital age, there are millions of photos taken everyday on mobile phones and almost all of them are posted on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc. We all like to share our story on social media. Be it about a new learned hobby or the announcement of a new born. Over the years, these sweet memories get hidden away in the endless scroll on Instagram.
How do we make these photos last longer?

We need to hold onto the memories that we create. Gicly makes it very easy to bring your Facebook and Instagram photos to life with the seamless desktop editor or with our iPhone and Android app. Both platforms make it simple to connect with Instagram and feed and create beautiful products such as Miniatures, Square prints. All you have to do is create an account, select a product and upload photos from your Instagram feed.
Having a quick way to access these photos makes a big difference when it comes to printing.

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Gicly makes it incredibly simple to create photo projects, but how to integrate these in our space? Bringing photos into homes will not only remind us of the good times but will also bring a colour into home decor. Here are a few ways to bring life to your favourite Instagram photos.

The New Office At Home.

The current pandemic of Covid-19 has forced many of us to work from home. This might be the new normal for an unprecedented time in the near future. Make use of this opportunity to de-clutter the home desk and add some colour to it. Put a family photo frame next to your table, it will help you get going through the occasional long hours at desk. Keep on rotating the photos for a change.

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The Living Space.

We all love to add hanging photos, large photo frames in our living spaces. Putting them close to daily seating areas like sofa or the favourite chair helps us to appreciate the memories often. Choose photos with similar colours as that of your living room. Organising them with themes like travel, 30th birthday, Diwali adds more value. In addition to photo frames, create a simple scrapbook and place it right next to the coffee table. This way they can be easily accessible and be shared with your friends and family.

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The Book Shelf In Corner.

Everyone's been guilty of this. There aren't enough books on the book shelf. A friend borrowed them or it was just easier to keep them right next to the night stand. What should we do about the empty shelf on the top? Use Classic Prints to keep a memory close to heart on the top, reminding you of the good times. It's an easy and fun way to tell a story, which is not through books :)

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Even though the everyone is used to share photos digitally, bringing them into our daily lives through prints not only brings colour to our homes but also adds as an inspiration and helps us to appreciate the past more. Our products are designed to make a this transition from digital photos to prints seamless. Let's all be happy about the fact that our memories are not going to disappear in the vast ocean of digital media.


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